IRS Refund Schedule 2014

Proud of yourself, eh?  You got your taxes done and now all you have to do is sit back and wait for your tax refund.  What’s that you say?  Waiting is not working out for you?  You want to know where your IRS refund might be?  Used to be taxpayers could consult the refund chart for the present year and guestimate pretty accurately when they’d get their refund.  But no longer.  The IRS will not publish an IRS Refund Schedule for 2014.  You will not find any 2014 Refund Chart anywhere on reputable websites.

Want to know why?  Because the IRS doesn’t do that anymore.  Tax returns are processed differently now, which means they travel a whole new pathway inside the IRS complex of computer processing software.  There are many divergent pathways your return could take now…because the IRS has implemented new ways of checking our tax returns for fraud.

The old way of sending your tax return to be processed simply added up the numbers and stamped it “processed”, then issued your refund.  Pretty predictable and chartable.  Yes, we could chart the progression of our tax returns, right down to the day on which our IRS refunds would be issued.  But like I said, this is no longer the case.

Now, there are million more steps along the way to completion.  The IRS Refund Schedule 2014 involves a lot more work before you get your refund.  In fact, the schedule may be very much extended for some taxpayers and hardly affected at all for others.  It all depends on whether your return gets flagged for suspicious info, thereby becoming sidetracked from the regular refund schedule.

Picture a highway… from point A to point B.  Point A is the day you submit your tax return.  Point B is the day you get your IRS refund.  It’s a straight highway…which is how we used to be able to have things like the IRS Refund Schedule.  But fraud checks along the way are like exits off the main highway.  If your return gets flagged the your return has to exit the main highway while it gets checked over more carefully.  That will delay the supposed schedule.

Those exit-delays can happen several times, once time, or not at all so the idea of a refund schedule has been rendered obsolete now.  Therefore, if you need info on where your 2014 IRS refund might be, use the online IRS Refund Tracker located on the IRS website.

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