Why the IRS Refund Calendar is Obsolete for 2014

The IRS Refund Calendar for 2014 starts now… Tax prep companies are now accepting tax returns, and the IRS will start accepting them on January 31.  If you get started now, you can have your IRS refund in February, if all goes well.  What can delay your refund?  Actually, lots of things.  Here’s a list of what can delay processing of your return, which makes the idea of a Refund Calendar a bit useless…

Top Five Things That Make the IRS Refund Calendar Obsolete in 2014

  1. You Forgot Some Small Detail on Your Return.  Maybe it was the Social Security number of a dependent, maybe it was the EIN of an employer.
  2. You Forgot to Attach or Include Something.  This could be a W2 you included on your tax return but forgot to attach to the file when you submitted your e-file return, or forgot to put in the envelope when you snail-mailed your return.
  3. Typos.  All time biggest reason the IRS may take longer to process your tax return.  A typo of just one number could mean a Social Security number doesn’t match up, a name is misspelled, meaning it’s unmatchable to other information included on your return.
  4. Math.  You added some numbers wrong, or incorrectly calculated a percentage.  That means things won’t add up, literally, when the IRS tries to process, meaning delays.
  5. A name is wrong.  Because of new anti-fraud measures implemented by the IRS, anything fishy with a name or the way a name is spelled will cause your return to be further scrutinized, therefore delayed.

See now why the idea of an IRS Refund Calendar is obsolete nowadays?   These things may seem trivial and small, but they will trip the system and your return will get pulled.  See how easy it is to make a mistake?  For the most efficient way to file your tax return and check for errors, use tax preparation software.  The software checks your math, checks for spelling mismatches and typos, as well a pretty much taking all the work out of filing your federal income tax return!


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